What is iT all about?

Imminent Threat has been formed to allow like minded people from Australia/New Zealand to get together as a group and develop their own skills in a variety of different games online.

We have some simple values that we like to think define us as a community. We value teamwork and fun above all else. If we know that our teammates have our back, then we can play in a stress free environment and get the results we want.

We are a group of gamers from different backgrounds, all of which have had some sort of experience in other clans. This is important because we have all learned that in this kind of environment, it is imperative to have the trust and friendship of the people around you.

As in any community, we will not always agree but we do have some common goals. Play and communicate as a team, and be honest and open with each other. Only then can any real problems be given the appropriate solution. Above all else, have fun.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our team, and have your mates backs, then we encourage you to join us on discord for a few games and test us to ensure IT is right for you.