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iT | Code of Conduct

The phrase 'Don't be a dick' pretty much sums up our CoC but for those areas that require a little more detail;

Mature Gaming Culture: All members will be 18+ with no exceptions. Younger people , limited to iT members families, are welcome to hangout and game with us occasionally, but are not to display iT tags in any online medium.

Cheating/Glitching/Exploits: Cheating will not be tolerated. The games are meant to be played in the spirit in which they were developed. While accidental glitches do occur in games any member that uses these to their advantage may have sanctions placed on them. Anybody who is proven to be cheating will not be welcome at Imminent Threat. If whatever you are doing feels wrong then it is probably an exploit. Stop it and post the issue on the forums to make your team mates aware of the bug.

Behavior: All members will respect each other and anyone else we interact with online, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, religious beliefs/creed, or sexual orientation. Respect is to be shown at all times. Yes we ‘piss take’ and talk ‘crap’ but respect is always maintained. Should any member or affiliated player cause issues within the clan they will be reviewed and should cause be given, sanctions may placed on the person. Showing respect to your teammates also includes not talking about them behind their back. If you have an issue with another member either approach them about it or raise it with a member of a higher threat level.

Forum/Voice Etiquette: There will be no discussion of religion, politics or any illicit topics on the forums, without exception. We are a gaming clan and these topics have no place here. Discussion of these topics via voice chat is accepted as part of normal chat, but should any member request the topic be stopped, it must be halted at once. If people wish to continue the discussion they should join another room so as not to disturb others. No selling, trading, or soliciting any products using iT as a middle man. Racism will not be tolerated. No iT member will ever be kicked from iT voice server channels without consultation of a secondary Threat level 3 or above.

Loyalty: We strive to be a friendly and welcoming gaming clan where people are free to interact with our community, forums and TS without any major commitments. We do ask that full members are solely affiliated with us in our current competitive games, as this helps us to build a better and tight knit community to enable us to advance our teamwork and in game group management skills.

While they are not compulsory the only way we can pay for the services we provide is by donations from the members.The more members who contribute the more services we can provide giving everyone a good selection of activities they can join in on.

Threat Levels: We run a five tier system within the clan to determine ranking. These are known as ‘Threat Levels’ and are outlined in the Threat Levels tab.

iT | Threat Levels

Threat levels are iT's adopted form of ranking system to which we form our clan. We try to keep it simple and the expectations of the different levels are as follows:

Threat Level 1
This level is the entry level for recruits. Recruits are kept on a 4 week (active game play) probation to ensure that both themselves and the clan are a good fit. Once the 4 week probation is up and if no objections are raised they then progress to Threat Level 2. Threat Level 1's are subject to tighter enforcement of the Code of Conduct.

-Be as active a gaming member as possible during your time as Threat 1.
-Try to be on voice chat while gaming so other members can join you/chat.
-You will have access to the website forums to contribute in clan member threads.
-You will have shout box posting permission.
-You will conduct yourself in Imminent Threat servers and in other clan servers with respect to others and yourself. Do not perform actions or engage in troll chat that reflects badly on the community.
-You will have basic teamspeak permission to move among public and membership channels.

Threat Level 2
This level is standard membership and makes up the core of our clan. They are subject to the standard Code of Conduct

Threat Level 3
This threat level is our first level of administration.These members are expected to be responsible, respond to ingame issues and take command when required to ensure conflicts are resolved. They also may be required to moderate/rcon servers. While they are subject to the Code of Conduct they are also the first line in enforcing iT server rules and helping to ensure trouble makers are removed.

Threat Level 4
These threat level members are expected to carry out the duties of threat level 3 and in addition organise and run gaming nights. They are also expected to moderate vs admin the gaming servers. Level 4’s are expected to enforce the Code of Conduct and issue server bans as required.

Threat Level 5
This level is considered the Core of Imminent Threat. They admin the website, forums and gaming servers. They will review any all recruitment and elevation of a member's threat level. Any permanent bans will be issued directly from this group, based on the code of conduct.

iT | Recruitment

Imminent threat has been formed to allow like minded people from Australia/New Zealand to get together as a group, and develop their own skills in a variety of different games online.

We have some simple values that we like to think define us as a community. We value teamwork and fun above all else. This is our primary focus as a clan. Budding members should be aware that their ability to perform in team based situations will weigh heavily into our recruitment decisions. Those that ‘pick up the slack’, ‘watch the rear’, ‘take point when required’ or play the supporting classes will have a greater chance of gaining a Threat Level within Imminent Threat.

We are a group of gamers from different backgrounds, all of which have had some sort of experience in other clans. This is important because we have all learned that in this kind of environment, it is imperative to have the trust and friendship of the people around you.

We don’t have an open application form to fill out as we instead like to get an initial feel for players attitudes. As a result, recruitment is carried out by invitation or forum post to let us know your interested. An invite can be obtained by playing with us and catching up with us on our discord server. We prefer this method as it lets us get to know you and you get to know us. If you would like to “Apply” the traditional way you can create a thread on the forums by registering a site account on the home page. The information for the recruitment thread can also be found in discord which can also be joined from the home page. An invited person will be subject to a background check (Recent Previous clan history, non private steam profile) and will be required to supply some additional information. Should the background check be acceptable, in some cases an invitee may be asked to jump into to a couple of in games test scenarios so they may be ‘assessed’. A successful invitee will then be issued with Threat Level 1 and subject to the Imminent Threat code of conduct.

We understand that some people may play here as a group and in these cases we will review and conduct a group invitation and assessment.