Battlefield 1 Now Live


Battlefield 1 Now Live

As many are now aware after last nights hectic matches, BF1 is now live.

Soon we will look at server options as we get a rented server up and running and look at available options for server settings. This is assisted by hitting the donation target again. Well done everyone. As usual a donation report will be available in the members forum at the end of the month.

In the mean time here is a collection of news and tip/tricks to help people work out some of the new systems.

With new gun types and a setting games don’t visit often combat can feel a bit different. Guns tend to have slower fire rates then we are used to. Weapon spread on most weapons is high and optics are limited. It will take a period of time for people to find guns they love. Luckily BF1 rewards people for teamwork and actions around objectives more then getting kills. Already more then one a player with a negative 6 kills 12 deaths score has topped the score board by pushing the objectives and supporting teammates/spotting(Got to get back into the habit of spotting).

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