Happy Birthday iT!

Congrats all on an awesome year of gaming!   The Imminent Threat domain name was registered on the 9th September 2016. We started discussions around the name and logo a little before making the website, registering the site is probably […]


Cyber Gamers 2017 RB6 Ladder Completed

First off, congratulations to Imminent Threat. Support from everyone has been excellent. Thank you to all the players involved in organizing matches, liaising with other teams to schedule matches and prepare the lobbies and all the players who spectated the […]


Ghost Recon Wildlands

Line up some squad mates and get ready to explore the excellent map and visuals in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands takes place in the expansive, gritty and vibrant backdrop of Bolivia, South America. The […]


Cyber Gamers Mid-season Break

The ladder info can be found here: We will submit a challenge hopefully when the ladder resumes next week. The goal is to make top 4 before the end of the last half to get a chance to play […]


RB6 – iT vs AUS – 1st Match -CG 2017 Season 1

Excellent work team! Still heaps to improve on. We have now moved up the ladder a little and a new match thread will go up in the forums soon. Everyone should keep practicing in casual and ranked to learn those […]


CyberGamer Rainbow Six Siege Ladder

Hey Gents, After our successful foray into the competitive side of Rainbow Six: Siege, We have decided to sign up for the CyberGamer ladder. You will notice a new widget above the calendar that shows our current ladder ranking and […]


RB6 ESL Community Cup #5

GREAT EFFORT ALL!! Seriously good job. To go in with no plan for the maps. No preset attack or defense strats and mixed up players and still come 4th is a huge effort. I have linked our streams below for […]


Community Planned Gaming Nights

Good day to all, some people may have noticed a new link on the menu bar “ Community Calendar“, this calendar will be used to plan some regular gaming night. It would be nice if people could come along and […]


Battlefield 1 Now Live

As many are now aware after last nights hectic matches, BF1 is now live. Soon we will look at server options as we get a rented server up and running and look at available options for server settings. This is […]


Vote for the community logo

Head over to the members forum and have your say on the community logo. Logo thread, have your say It’s taken a lot of discussion and hard work to get the logo options we currently have. Only one can win […]