Community Planned Gaming Nights


Community Planned Gaming Nights

Good day to all, some people may have noticed a new link on the menu bar “ Community Calendar“, this calendar will be used to plan some regular gaming night. It would be nice if people could come along and have a crack. We will try to communicate these events to gamers we have met in our servers so they may attend as well and get a feel for our teamwork and communication drive. There will soon be a pop out app on the homepage similar to our shoutbox messenger which will make the calendar more accessible.

The event night does not mean we will be playing the one game all night, it depends on numbers being available to organize either matches vs other clans, or 5v5 against ourselves or some other setup. These nights are a great opportunity for people to be put on random teams with people they may not play with often so we can all learn how each other reacts in different situations. This will help build autonomous squad/team reactions when under pressure, often players won’t even know this is happening but if you could take a snapshot of the game nights over a few months you would see communication drop but improve, players learn each others strengths and weaknesses and know how to react based on teammates near by.

These nights are not planned by any one person, it’s up to the community to drive them. No one person is planning the night and if the people you usually expect to take lead are not there then hopefully someone will step up and try get others interested.

If you would like to suggest a game for a night, or discuss changing one that is coming up to something else then jump on teamspeak and start the discussion.

Some of these events will also have prizes available. Generally these will be cd keys for games. These will not be announced prior to events and public players who participate will also have a chance to win.

Our first gaming night is planned for Wednesday 2/11/16 (Tomorrow night).

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