Cyber Gamers 2017 RB6 Ladder Completed

Mar 25 iT Announcer  

First off, congratulations to Imminent Threat.

Support from everyone has been excellent. Thank you to all the players involved in organizing matches, liaising with other teams to schedule matches and prepare the lobbies and all the players who spectated the matches, gave there support and trained up to assist with subbing and practice matches.

This ladder was our first competitive gaming as Imminent Threat. We did an excellent job. We went in basically winging it with no strats and a new team relying on leadership skills, our open and team based approach to gaming and players skills and experience to get us through.

Later in the season we expanded on what we had with some more structured practice sessions developing our own strats to execute during the matches. It was great to see the team develop through the season and I’m happy to say that our last match put a lot of pressure on the team and we stepped up and performed well while improvising knowing we could rely on our team mates to be in the right positions and have our backs where needed.

During the ladder we submitted/defended 11 challenges. 8 of which we won (Some were team no shows). We have finished the ladder in 7th position. We submitted a challenge for 3rd to play in finals but they have not accepted by the cut off date which means our participation in this ladder has come to an end. More then once we allowed teams to bring a sub to ensure the match went ahead and we submitted challenges and attended every match we could showing excellent team spirit that we expect and promote in Imminent Threat.

It was great to have some players capture footage to youtube/twitch for history and we got to see some good game casted matches as well.

I look forward to our next participation in competitive ladder gaming. For now Thanks to all and enjoy the break until we see what comes next.

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