CyberGamer Rainbow Six Siege Ladder

CyberGamer Rainbow Six Siege Ladder

Dec 20 iT Announcer  

Hey Gents,

After our successful foray into the competitive side of Rainbow Six: Siege, We have decided to sign up for the CyberGamer ladder.

You will notice a new widget above the calendar that shows our current ladder ranking and if you click our team name, it will take you to the team page on the CG website where you can apply to join the team, some invites have already been sent to members whose CG accounts are already known, for everybody else, simply viewing the team page and requesting to join is all you need to do, alternatively contact MeanY or myself and we can send you an invite.

Anyone who is interested in participating can sign up and we will look at doing a roster before each match to ensure anyone who wants to play gets a chance. In the future we may make an additional team if we have enough members.

Getting into the more competitive side of R6:Siege may require a little more coordination and due to this we will be organising practice sessions when possible. Look out for a forum post in regards to that in the near future. Matches mostly take place on a weekly basis when the ladder is not in freeplay mode, this will mean people who are serious about playing may need to dedicate at least 2 nights per week to Rainbow Six Siege.

This ladder is for full iT members or members in the process of trialling for iT.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact one of the team captains.

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