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    Hey guys and galls,

    OK so I’m not sure exactly what I should write here, I’m probably supposed to give a brief summary of who I am and what I do to break the ice so to speak so I’ll give it a shot.

    I’m a 28 yr old Australian that lives in New Zealand, but be nice I get enough shit from the ppl here. I originally live in Perth, western Australia and moved to Auckland for a new start, i went to Uni and became and electronic Technician and am now working as a security technician.

    I have been playing games for a very long time and about 6 years ago I was playing world of Warcraft and had the unfortunate experience of meeting this lanky electrical apprentice called Meany, he was running a guild back then and i was one of his underlings. Funnily enough I was able to catch up with him and we actually made a pretty good friendship, even got to the point where I was living with him for a few weeks in collie.

    So a few years past and unfortunately me and meany kinda just stopped talking, funnily enough 6yrs later we started talking on steam and he has introduced me to a few of you guys. I must say I am really stoked at the possibility of playing in a clan. It’s not for the competitive side, although I would be keen for that once some training is done. It’s for the ability to play some games with some new friends, it’s one of the reasons I miss being apart of the old guild that meany and I was in.

    I play an assortment of games from mmorpgs, fps, strategy u name it ill give it a shot.

    Well that’s kinda me, I’m a talkative bastard so if you want to know more hit me up I’ll talk your ear off.


    Baxter Hellyer


    Dragon started something. A hoy hoy…. Still the clutch master though.

    Good to see yah around man, it’s been fun catching up for games. Good post by the way. 😀 Looking forward to catching up when we come to NZ later in the year.


    Hey mate. What games you playing at the moment?



    Hey Haff,

    Sorry for the late reply, i have been playing World of Warcraft with some friends recently so that’s a big one, other that that The Hunter: Call to the wild, League of legends, Diablo 3, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, The Forrest, Arma 3 and Heaps more.

    i may not be meany with his 1000+ games but i got a few and i like variety.


    Baxter Hellyer

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