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    G’day all, my name is UndaToka, aka Dave Cannabis ( my real name) some of you already know me
    i started off playing COD on american servers with the Battered Bastards, but the ping was killing me so i started playing battlefield 2 and have played most versions since except Hardline
    i live in a stand alone solar house with a backup generator,on a community in the Nortern Rivers NSW,. have 3 horses,3 cats, about 60 fish in an Aquaponics system, and work as a volunteer at the Nimbin HEMP Bar 4 days a week
    one of my great challenges is hitting the inside of a barn, and i pride myself on how many deaths i can accumulate lol, but still i have a lot of fun, i enjoy playing with others in a team especially when we can talk and cooperate , i hate lone wolfing but i will if there’s no one around
    ive used the nick UndaToka now for almost 20 years, when there were very few cannabis users online in Australia , in fact for a couple of years thee were only about 3 of us, so i called myself the Toker from Downunder, shortened to undatoka, it used to confuse the yanks i played with no end “Whats wrong with Dakota ?” they’d say
    anyways im hoping that i will make more new friends here and have a ball
    see ya in my sights


    Welcome UndaToka have fun 🙂

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