RB6 ESL Community Cup #5


RB6 ESL Community Cup #5


Seriously good job. To go in with no plan for the maps. No preset attack or defense strats and mixed up players and still come 4th is a huge effort.

I have linked our streams below for our matches. Some streaming issues early on which I fixed as we went. Great work. We should have a really good shot to take it out next time if we go in with a plan and not just winging it.

We also made a lot of friends in the ESL and RB6 community today which we will be able to call on for scrims and practices not just in RB6 but all the other games they play across.

Once again, great work everyone. Great to hear the positive feedback from the others watching the streams as well.


Match Results & Highlights:

Match 1 vs Aussie Underdogs -Map: Oregon – Result: 6-5 iT Wins in Overtime – Highlight of the match: Reno aces first round (captured on very first stream video)

Match 1 (Shadowplay stream cut out and I didn’t notice 🙁 )

Match 2 vs xT – Map: Oregon – Result: 5-3 iT Wins – Highlights of the match: 2 clutch plants late in rounds resulted in rounds won for iT, one in basement, one in upstairs bedroom.

Match 2

Match 3 vs EZPZ – Map: Bank – Result: 4-6 EZPZ wins in overtime – Highlight of the match: Excellent team push from garage into bomb room in basement, smoked corridor and got the plant down with minimal fuss.

Match 3

Match 4 vs KiYs – Map: Border – Result: 6-4 iT Wins in overtime – Highlights of the match: Solid, organised attack and defense on 2 overtime rounds to take out the match.

Match 4

Match 5 vs Dapper Dolphins – Map: Border – Result: 1-5 DD wins – Highlight: Solid Defense from entire team on first round

Match 5

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