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    WoWS is one of those games that looks very simple on first glance but is actually fairly complex. There is way too much to try to cover here so all I’m going to do is give you a starting point.

    There are four classes of ship in this game and inside each class each ship has different strengths and weaknesses. The key to doing well in this game is understanding the ship your sailings capabilities and how to apply it in different situations. Like many games a good sense of situational awareness is a massive help to you as seeing the position of the enemy’s ships can help you determine your own tactics that best suit your capabilities. This is why I keep saying don’t stress the tier imbalances too much as while being bottom tier might mean you need to change your tactics it doesn’t mean you can’t do well.

    The classes: Below is a quick overview of the differences between them all to help you chose what you would like to play. They all work differently so there is no “best” line to play however I shall tag one line of each class that I recommend as a good starting point for a new player. I have not included Aircraft Carriers as I do not play them at all.


    These are fast, stealthy and lightly armored whose job is to spot the enemy ships, take the cap points and keep the Battleships on their toes.

    Japanese – Great concealment, Good torpedoes and mediocre guns. (Good for spotting, capping and going after Battleships)
    American – Okay concealment, okay torpedoes and good guns. (Good all rounder. Deadly in close range battles with other destroyers)
    German – Okay concealment, decent torpedoes, radar and decent guns . (Good at capping and fighting other destroyers)
    Russian – Very poor concealment, very poor torpedoes, fast engines and excellent guns. (Anti destroyer ships. Good at burning down Battleships too)
    Pan asian (Recommended) – Great concealment, great torpedoes and good guns. (Excellent against battleships as they have deep water torpedoes that have low detection range and therefore hard to dodge)


    All purpose support ships. They contain anti air, are good against destroyers, decent speed and concealment. These are the more challenging class to play and are my favourite. Battleships will crucify you if caught in a bad position but if played well you can make their lives hell too.

    Japanese – Decent concealment, slow turning turrets, okay armor, good torpedoes, lowish range but hard hitting guns. This line is best saved until you have a decent understanding of the games mechanics but once you know what you are doing they can be extremely effective ships. The T10 of this line is my favorite ship atm.

    American – Okay concealment, fast turrets, very poor armor, floaty gun arcs. This line is currently being revamped because it can be frustrating to play. Three or four of this lines ships are excellent but the rest are painful. Best left until they are updated in the next few months.

    German – Okay concealment, good at firing armor piercing shells, mediocre torpedoes. This line is a good all rounder. It’s T10 is one of the best ships in the game.

    Russian – Mediocre concealment, poor armor, fast engines and excellent guns. This line is a bit more challenging to play but effective with a good player.

    British – Good concealment, has a smoke generator and only fires armor piercing shells. Weak armor. These ships are very good but need a decent understanding of the games mechanics to do well. They are rather situational.

    French (Recommended) – decent concealment, fast and maneuverable, great guns. A good all rounder line.


    Big, slow, strong armor, long reloading times and hit like a truck. These ships can single shot a cruiser and can take and give out a lot of damage.

    Japanese – Medium armor, very slow turrets that hit hard. A good line with a couple of poor ships being the only weakness.

    American(Recommended) – Basically a good all rounder. Not great at any one aspect but decent at most.

    German – Brawlers, very good secondaries, very tough armor but poor accuracy. You do not want to be close to these ships but if you can keep at range to them you are okay.

    British – Very good high explosive shells. Very good heals. Medium armor. A bit irritating to fight but okay to play.

    French – Faster and more maneuverable than normal with decent guns. This is the newest line and still finding their place.

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